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I live in Bucks County, PA, with my lovely wife, while working as an Assistant Director in the Writing Program and Course Coordinator of Multimedia Composition Program in the English Department at Rutgers University. I also manage the Plangere Culture Lab, a space where students and faculty at Rutgers can explore what it means to think and compose with digital technologies in critical and meaningful ways. I am an avid reader and researcher of a wide variety of topic areas. I am fascinated by the way that abstract ideas can collide with things in the real world, providing us with instances when we can stop and reflect on them. We can find examples of these occurrences all the time in films, paintings, architecture, technology, and so many other things.

Thinking in Public: Creating in the 21st Century – Part I

Lets engage in a quick thought experiment. Think back to when you were in high school, working on a paper in your senior English class. Perhaps you are trying to write a paper about similar motifs which Shakespeare used in … Continue reading

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This post was originally composed in March 2011, when I was asked to generate a piece for a new writing publication. Several months later, it is not certain as to when (or if) this publication will see the light of … Continue reading

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